Richmond Media Entertainment is proud to announce that Colin Cunningham (“Falling Skies”) and Bokeem Woodbine (“Total Recall”) have signed on for the new indie action/drama Guardian Angel.

s the writer-director on the project, Vahik Pirhamzei (“My Uncle Rafael”) also plays Ray Ardalan, the head of a private security company assigned the task of protecting an aspiring model, Vicki (played by Justine Wachsberger), from the vicious hands of a human trafficker, Gregor (played by Cunningham). Woodbine plays an intuitive detective chasing the case.

Rounding out the cast are Ray Wise (“Twin Peaks”), Costas Mandylor (“Saw” franchise), Christopher Atkins (“The Blue Lagoon”), Houshang Touzie (“Argo”) and Anne Bedian (“CSI”). Additional cameos by Janice Dickinson (“America’s Next Top Model”) and Christopher Knight (“The Brady Bunch”) will add flavor to the film’s already notable ensemble cast.

Pirhamzei most recently co-wrote, produced and starred in the title role of the award-winning comedy, “My Uncle Rafael,” with John Michael Higgins (“Yes Man”), and Missy Pyle (“The Artist”).

“Guardian Angel” will begin shooting mid-June 2013 in Glendale, CA with an immediate theatrical release targeted for late Fall of this year, confirms Richmond Media.


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